Climate & Hurricanes

Climate & Hurricanes

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Why settle for good weather when you can have great weather?

Many people, when searching for Mexico real estate, think about climate as if all areas were created equally. The simple fact is, they aren’t. Climate is a factor to consider as carefully as any other. With the best climate in all of Mexico, some would say the best in the entire western hemisphere – why would anyone settle for less than perfect?

Before buying anywhere, consider these facts:

Chances are, if you’re from a northern region and as each winter begins, you probably find yourself thinking anywhere is better than here right now.

    • Ocean Temperature – When you own beachfront property, you want to be able to go in the water. Whether you are into surfing, swimming, or snorkeling, you need the water to be warm. With ocean temperatures that typically equal or exceed Hawaiian or Caribbean waters, Puerto Escondido’s waters have ideal temperatures year round – whatever your preferred activity.
    • Monthly Rainfall – When considering Mexico real estate investment properties, most of us are looking for ways to escape the drudgery of rain and snow in the winter months. Between November and April, Puerto Escondido receives less than 1 inch of total precipitation. There are very few places on Earth where you can expect clear, sunny weather throughout the winter, but Puerto Escondido is one of them!
    • Air Temperature and Humidity – If your idea of the perfect weather is consistently warm but not hot or sticky, then Puerto Escondido is ideal for you. With pleasant humidity levels and temperatures that remain largely the same throughout the year, you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or sweating all day.
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A major factor to consider when considering real estate investments in Mexico is hurricanes. The NOAA has historical data, allowing you to base your decision on actual facts. Take a look at the statistics for Class 1-5 hurricanes from 1851-2014, the Hurricane Risk Areas are identified on the map:

Puerto Escondido is in a low risk hurricane area.


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